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Broadband is a term that we commonly use to indicate the transmission speed of the world wide web into our homes and offices. The term was coined in reference to the width of the frequency band transmitting the signals of the Internet. A broader band is capable of providing a faster service. Technically broadband speeds exceed 200 kilobits per second.

The creation of Broadband has enabled many more uses of the Internet. Think of all the fast paced activities that would be impossible if we had to wait on a slow method of delivery, such as dial up Dial up. This is a delivery method that is shared with telephone service. You can only use one service at a time. Since broadband is a separate connection there is no interference with phone services.
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Without broadband many of the video games that are extremely popular today would not be possible. Today's trend for companies to hire work at home employees would be limited to work that does not require a quick response or any type of interaction. Having high speed Internet is a requirement for most of those types of positions. Practically all of our browserspiele online everyday interactions would not be a satisfying option. That would include submitting applications, attending online schools, online printing and the list would go on to include things we have yet to be able to do.

DSL, digital subscriber line, was the first form of broadband transmission. Ethernet which is transmitted over cable is sometimes called broadband due to its high speed delivery. It is an option to DSL. The most recent form of broadband transmission is power-lines. Until recent years, power-lines used a narrowband transmission.